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Selfica, from Atlantis to Us

Ancient myths describe the civilization of Atlantis as the highest expression of humanity on this planet.

In the cities, the most elaborate forms of art prospered, and every place was harmonized with alchemies of sound, color and scent. In Atlantis, everything – from monumental works to the meticulous ones – expressed refinement and opulence, because the opportunity to contemplate beauty in everyday life was one of the most effective forms of meditation.

Living immersed in splendor elevates our vibrational frequency: if a group of people lives in beauty means that it’s a happy group!

It’s in Atlantis that we can trace back the first use of Selfica. Selfica technology is knowledge that came to our planet when a creative stage of magic began, one where human beings became active agents capable of guiding the flow of synchronicity.

Selfica is an empirical discipline based on the use of circuits that are able to host a purely energetic intelligence that exchanges information with the person who owns it, one who works in synergy for our spiritual growth.

Selfic items can be considered living objects that exchange energy with their owners—energy directed toward the wellbeing, equilibrium and rejuvenation of the person.

Metals are the ideal support for these intelligent beings who cannot interact with our space-time without suitable “bodies.”

In past eras, gold and silver were mostly used, and different levels of conductivity were obtained by varying the alloys: orichalcum and electrum are two mythical examples.

In more recent historical periods, this ancient discipline was used in Egyptian, Mayan, Etruscan and Celtic cultures, as well as in the ancient Minoan civilization, and from these cultures, it has arrived to us.

With the very ancient art of Selfica, we integrate ancient knowledge with current experience, giving rise to unique creations.

Selfic Circuits

Selfica is both an art and a spiritual technology, created to enhance human potential and Synchronicity.

Selfic forces exist in the universe: they are a specific signal. The field of Selfica has been rediscovered in Damanhur, one of the world’s largest spiritual communities, where the extraordinary Temples of Humankind have been built.

Selfica is based on the spiral, one of the foundational forms of our universe, as well as a precise mathematics of forms and proportions.

The founder of Damanhur, Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi 1950-2013), has developed different circuits in 18 kt yellow gold, and gave them to the Damanhurian goldsmiths. The Oro Crea was later born.

For years, Falco supported the Oro Crea’s team to improve their work.

Every circuit has functions related to the wellness and self-development of the individual.

Below, you can find an overview of the different kinds of Selfic circuits available.

Each one is activated to be in tune with your personal frequency. The activation requires your complete birth name and date of birth and it works through a high-technology instrument called a Sferoself. This is why for certain jewelry pieces, you need to send us your full name and date of birth.
Selfic devices are activated thanks to the Temples of Humankind, which function as an antenna for the selection and use of Selfic energies.

Sacred Language

The Sacred Language, another vast field of knowledge and research introduced by Falco Tarassaco, is a kind of language based on phonetic pronunciation, ideogrammatic symbols and movement.

According to Falco’s teachings, this archetypal language originates from an era when humankind had grasped the deeper meanings and values of life.

According to myth, this Sacred Language was spoken by humans prior to the city of Babel. This is the reason why many symbols in the Damanhurian Sacred Language, and other similar sacred languages, can be traced back to various ancient alphabets.

Choose the Sacred Language symbols that you feel can most empower your Selfic jewelry, and we will add them to your piece. We can engrave the symbol, use gold wire to create it, or use gemstones to make the shape of the symbol. We can even use the shape of the symbol as the base for your jewelry piece.

By using Sacred Language symbols, you can tap into a very powerful container of archetypal energy.

Orocrea Bespoke

What characterizes a Selfic jewelry piece?

First, it is made of the noblest metals: 18 kt gold (white, red, yellow) and 925 sterling silver.

Second, the process of creation unfolds in various phases guided by goldsmiths who are specially trained in the fields of Selfica and Alchemy, with decades of experience.

Third, constant attention is given to every phase of design, from drawing the sketches to choosing the materials, to the final stages of creation. We believe that thought and attention contributes to increasing the energetic density of every piece of jewelry.

Fourth, art and beuaty are other highly characteristic elements of our work, as each piece is a small sculpture. To quote the inspirer of the spiritual community of Damanhur, Falco Tarassaco, “symbols are better preserved on an engraved stone than on printed paper. Words are transformed over time. They change in value while the symbolism superimposed on a figure is able to maintain itself in a much denser way.” We believe in this concept, and we use noble metals instead of stone.

The Selfic creations of Oro Crea are connected to the energy field of a single person, and we advise you not to share them with others.

Care of Jewels

All Selfica objects are prepared in order to conduct intelligent energies from the cosmos: this is the reason why they don’t need to be cleansed on an energetic level. Any possible energetic waste is constantly transformed and eliminated.

OroCrea jewelry can be worn both day and night. However, keeping them in your aura, for example on a bedside table, is enough for them to carry out their function during the night.

We advise you to remove Selfic jewelry before swimming or taking a bath or shower, because the metals and gemstones can be damaged.

If you continue to use Selfic items, they remain active indefinitely.

We recommend cleaning the jewelry periodically and professionally. If you come to Oro Crea or send your jewelry to our studio, we can take care of cleaning them. The service is at your expenses.
We can simply polish your jewelry piece or do an ultrasonic cleansing to remove any dirt and attain a perfect luster. We can provide a complete refurbishing to eliminate scratches and restore the original splendor and preciousness of your jewelry. This treatment includes the polishing and cleaning of the item.

Finally, if you have a piece of jewelry you want to transform, we can repair, resize, engrave and transform all kind of jewelry piece!

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