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Selfica, from Atlantis to Us

Ancient myths describe the civilization of Atlantis as the highest expression of humanity on this planet.

In the cities, the most elaborate forms of art prospered, and every place was harmonized with alchemies of sound, color and scent. In Atlantis, everything – from monumental works to the meticulous ones – expressed refinement and opulence, because the opportunity to contemplate beauty in everyday life was one of the most effective forms of meditation.

Living immersed in splendor elevates our vibrational frequency: a Popolo (People) living in beauty is a happy Popolo.

It’s in Atlantis that we can trace back the first use of Selfica.

Selfica technology is knowledge that came to our planet when a creative stage of magic began, one where human beings became active agents capable of guiding the flow of synchronicity.

Selfica is an empirical discipline based on the use of circuits that are able to host a purely energetic intelligence that exchanges information with the person who owns it, one who works in synergy for our spiritual growth:

Selfic items can be considered living objects that exchange energy with their owners—energy directed toward the wellbeing, equilibrium and rejuvenation of the person.

Metals are the ideal support for these intelligent beings who cannot interact with our space-time without suitable “bodies.”

In past eras, gold and silver were mostly used, and different levels of conductivity were obtained by varying the alloys: orichalcum and electrum are two mythical examples.

In more recent historical periods, this ancient discipline was used in Egyptian, Mayan, Etruscan and Celtic cultures, as well as in the ancient Minoan civilization, and from these cultures, it has arrived to us.

With the very ancient art of Selfica, we integrate ancient knowledge with current experience, giving rise to unique creations.

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