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Sacred Language

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Sacred Language


The Sacred Language, another vast field of knowledge and research introduced by Falco Tarassaco, is a kind of language based on phonetic pronunciation, ideogrammatic symbols and movement.

According to Falco’s teachings, this archetypal language originates from an era when humankind had grasped the deeper meanings and values of life.

According to myth, this Sacred Language was spoken by humans prior to the city of Babel.

Many symbols in the Damanhurian Sacred Language, and other similar sacred languages, can be traced back to various ancient alphabets.

Choose the Sacred Language symbols that you feel can most empower your Selfic jewelry, and we will add them to your piece. We can engrave the symbol, use gold wire to create it, or use gemstones to make the shape of the symbol. We can even use the shape of the symbol as the base for your jewelry piece.

By using Sacred Language symbols, you can tap into a very powerful container of archetypal energy.

Below are some examples of the symbols.



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