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A Selfic bracelet with the technology to support astral travel and imagination.


This bracelet can be realized in white 18 kt gold or silver 925.

The Selfic circuit is in yellow 18 kt gold and it performs specific functions.

It promotes the integration of the subtle bodies of the wearer, assisting in their conscious separation from the physical body. In this way, it facilitates out-of-body experiences, and ensures that the journey is carried out in absolute safety.

It increases sensitivity and perceptions of “subtle” realities not supported by a physical form.

It helps to develop our imagination and capacity of dreaming.

The blue topaz (you can choose the gem you feel the most) is part of the circuit.

A large oval turquoise enhances the bracelet.

Turquoise is linked to the Earth and Air elements. It is therefore considered a stone capable of conferring stability, balance and peace. Being also an Air stone, it can also stimulate the intellect and creativity. Turquoise can clarify thoughts and make them flow freely. It is considered an amulet of good luck on journeys.

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