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The peace and harmony in between the opposites.


The basic structure of this pendant is realized with one of the noblest lunar metal which is silver 925, that brings the feminine aspect into the jewel. The structure of the Selfic circuit and all the tiny spiriling windings are made with yellow 18 kt gold which is a solar metal and represents the masculine aspect.

The function of the Selfic circuit is nurturing inner harmony within us allows us, in order to make us flow more naturally through events, to create a joyous life.

We are complex beings composed of many aspects – personalities – that are moved by different desires, emotions and memories.This circuit helps you to express your different parts in a harmonic and balanced way.

Nurturing harmony within us allows us to flow more naturally with the events, in order to create a joyful life.

Inner balance is an indispensable base for serenity.

The artistic shape is really evocative. You see a shield, you see a sword: to live peacefully, you have to be able to protect yourself and also to attack in the case it is necessary!

The green tourmalines contribute in creating an harmomy between the different energies: there is peace in the middle of the opposites!

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Dimensions 125 × 5 cm

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