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An energetic weapon to support your evolution and well-being.


This is an essential and basic pendant, fundamental for the functions it performs.

You see two Selfic circuits in yellow 18 kt gold. One helps to be clear and focused while communicating with others. It creates harmonious and balanced energy fields to support relationships, and makes the communication more fluid and effective. It facilitates an empathic connection with others. The other circuit acts on energetic defenses by enhancing them, thus improving the reactivity of the body and the immune system. This circuit helps travelers to overcome the effects of jet leg, and it is also useful during seasonal changes.

The 4 topazs empower the chakra connected with the throath, and their light blue gives a feminine touch to the pendant.

The artistic shape of a dagger complete the potential of the jewelry piece.

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Dimensions 6 × 3 cm

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