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This is one of the most beautiful and important jewels realized by our jewelry.

Important jewelry pieces like these, exude spiritual value and ancient knowledge.

This particular earrings are entirely made of 18 kt yellow gold, the noblest metals available to transmit the highest frequencies of energy.

On the golden sacred language Maat & Eco, which means Femininity and Masculine,  there are beautiful rubies, sapphires and diamonds. These stones set on amplify the synchronicity. This earrings are tribute to the Androgen, the Golden Age collection wants to awaken the human being and bring it to a new awareness and knowledge.

Golden Age is the first fine jewelry collection of Oro Crea. Jewelry pieces characterized by a processing with “pavè” of colored precious gems and by a matrix of symbols to reawaken the ancient and noble aspects of the Self. These pieces bring back memories of the immense greatness of the Human soul and, in the present, they distill the characteristics of the new Human Being. First of all, our happiness!

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