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A solid bracelet for a strong support to your relationships with others


A wide dotted silver 925 band with a Selfic circuit in 18 kt yellow gold.

It is prepared to perform a really determinant function in this Aquarian Era:it increases the feeling of self-confidence and a clear and focused sharing of ideas and words with others.

It helps to create harmonic and balanced energy fields to support relationships, making our communication more fluid and effective.

It facilitates empathic communication, understanding and connection with others.

This circuit also works on inner communication, improving our relationship with ourselves: it increases our self-esteem and reduces our shyness.

The yellow gold symbol in sacred language for the “feminine” principle on one side and the one for the “masculine” principle on the other side, in Damanhurian sacred language, evoke and support the balance of the two kind of energies inside of you.

The bracelet is prepared on your personal frequency.

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