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A powerful stylized falcon with ideograms and symbols inside.


The pendant made in Yellow Gold 18 kt, is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a work of art and symbolism. Each element in the design carries its own significance, making it a unique and meaningful accessory. Let’s break down the various symbols and concepts embedded in this piece:

  1. Falcon Shape: The pendant’s shape is that of a falcon, which represents knowledge, light, and the values associated with the New Acquarian Era. The falcon is often seen as a symbol of vision, focus, and spiritual insight.
  2. Damanhurian Version of OM (MOAE Mantra): Within one of the wings, you can find the Damanhurian version of the Sanskrit OM, which is a sacred sound and spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. It represents the essence of the ultimate reality or consciousness.
  3. Ideograms for “Victory of the Male and Female Source of Humanity”: The pendant also features ideograms representing the victory of the male and female sources of humanity. This likely symbolizes the balance and harmony between masculine and feminine energies.
  4. Key of Isis (ANK): In the center of the bird’s body, there is a Key of Isis, represented by the Ankh symbol. The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol often associated with life and immortality.
  5. Gemstone: The gemstone in the pendant can vary, and its choice is based on the frequency that you need in your life at a given moment. Different gemstones are believed to carry specific energies and vibrations, influencing the wearer’s well-being.
  6. Selfic Technology: The pendant is prepared with Selfic technology on your personal frequency. Selfic technology is associated with the Damanhur community and enhances synchronicity in daily life, favoring positive encounters and events. It’s a unique concept related to energy and consciousness.
  7. Handcrafted with Presence and Love: The pendant has been handcrafted with care and love, suggesting a deep level of craftsmanship and intention in its creation.



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