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Its particular shape with spirals is designed to attract synchronicity.


The SYNCHRONOUS RING is made in yellow gold 18 kt

Its particular shape with spirals is designed to attract synchronicity.

The whole Universe seems to move in spirals, from human DNA to the galactic clusters that make up the Universe.

In alchemy metals are the symbol of solidified and condensed cosmic energies.
Gold is the purest metal in excellence and has the highest vibration.
The material of which your selective jewel is made is fundamental for the power of the instrument.
It is collective knowledge that in alchemy the most precious metal and with the highest vibration and Gold,
the Ancient Egyptians believed that gold was divine and indestructible and throughout the history of mankind gold has always been considered the purest of metals.
And it is so because an instrument made of Gold has the highest energy charge to spread for the realization of the objectives

The Synchronic Ring is an instrument who, through Selfic’s preparation, help the wearer to recall the most positive events for you. These instruments direct us in the synchronic flow because they are designed and to attract more positive events for us and give us the possibility to clean “the lenses” of our feeling from possible interferences.
Events often need a “magnet” to manifest themselves in a fast and synchronic way and to do this Orocrea makes a series of Self-Synchronic jewels.



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