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A pentacle that it’s like a good omen.


This pendant is crafted using Selfic technology. So, it is designed to enhance the synchronicity field around you.

ts surface features a collection of significant symbols in Sacred Language so that it’s like a talisman that helps us expand our energy field and make it more stable and harmonious.

At its center, a prominent SACRED FEMININE ideogram embodies the essence of this archetype, symbolizing a spectrum of profound meanings.

What does the pendant wish for us?

“May feminine intuition guide you to find the wise counsel of the Master, to flow with the synchronicity of the soul and create in the material realm.”

More than a mere piece of jewelry, it serves as a prayerful talisman, a benevolent companion throughout your daily journey.

In the picture you see a red garnet. You can choose the semi-precious stone that you prefer between green peridot, amethyst, blue topaz, red garnet.

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