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Vital energies circuit with an amazing green emerald


This is the basic pendant made with the Selfic circuit in 18 kt yellow gold and emerald.

The vital energies circuit:

our body is a potentially perfect machine, but when we expose it to excessive stress, it is necessary to offer support.

This circuit acts on energetic defenses by enhancing them, thus improving the reactivity of the body and the immune system.

This circuit helps travelers to overcome the effects of jet leg, and it is also useful during seasonal changes.



We have powerful allies who can help us protect ourselves from this negativity.

The Selfs have special functions that can help us counter this attack.

The Vital Energy circuit, for example, increases our vital energies.

When we are serene and our mood is balanced our immune system works better, is stronger and can protect us.

Selfs are the best ally for our psycho-physical wellbeing.

We have created these circuits to help you face every moment of your life with joy and hope.

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Dimensions 2 × 2 cm

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