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About Us

In our workshop in Italy we create unique pieces, made by hand by experienced goldsmiths who, have brought their craftsmanship to the level of an Art.

The jewelry pieces we create at Orocrea uniquely marry beauty, technique and meaning, combining harmonious and soft forms with symbols and signs from many ancient cultures.

They are prepared for their functions through the use of Selfica.

Selfica makes it possible to concentrate energies that are present in the cosmos so that they can be used for specific, beneficial functions.

In the past, similar techniques were used by many civilizations. Ancient myths say that also the jewelers of Atlantis knew how to create objects that were energetically active.

We believe that Atlantis was the highest expression of humanity on our planet, a civilization in which the most sophisticated art forms prospered. At Orocrea we are inspired by this myth, and strive for beauty, uniqueness and refinement in every piece we make.

We believe that contemplating beauty – and even more wearing it in everyday life is a very effective form of meditation, one that elevates the vibrational frequency of individuals.

A jewelry piece created specifically and only for you becomes a life com­panion, a beautiful, constant point of focus for your intentions and dreams.

We create each piece by hand with passion and attention, helping you choose the best stones, symbols and shapes to create a jewel that you will cherish and love for all your life.




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