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Orocrea Bespoke

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Orocrea Bespoke


What characterizes a Selfic jewelry piece?

First, it is made of the noblest metals: 18 kt gold (white, red, yellow) and 925 sterling silver.

Second, the process of creation unfolds in various phases guided by goldsmiths who are specially trained in the fields of Selfica and alchemy, with decades of experience.

Third, constant attention is given to every phase of design, from drawing the sketches to choosing the materials, to the final stages of creation. We believe that thought contributes to increasing the energetic density of every piece of jewelry.

Fourth, art is another highly characteristic element of our work, as each piece is a small sculpture. To quote Falco Tarassaco, “Symbols are better preserved on an engraved stone than on printed paper. Words are transformed over time. They change in value while the symbolism superimposed on a figure is able to maintain itself in a much denser way.” We believe in this concept, and we use noble metals instead of stone.

The Selfic creations of Oro Crea are connected to the energy field of a single person, and we advise you not to share them with others.


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