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Your most complete Selfic ally...
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This bracelet is a real high-tech Selfic work that allows you to combine all the functions that have been tested and implemented in 40 years of Damanhurians research. It is realized with the noblest metal which is gold. The whole structure of circuits it’s made with yellow gold which is a solar metal and represents the masculine aspect. Circuits are supported by a white gold base that represents the feminine and lunar aspect. The bracelet functions are: * harmonizing inner personalities * improving communication within ourselves and towards the others * increasing the vital energy so that finally also the immune system gets stronger * to boost up the fantasy and the use of subtle bodies for astral travels * transforming the negative frequencies in energies that are useful to us * balancing our energies in general for our wellbeing * to protect against magnetic fields and radiations from devices as computers and mobile phones * balancing our sensitivity

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