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About us

The history of Damanhurian artistic jewelry began as early as the late 1970s.

A number of goldsmiths, trained in Alchemy and other arts, including sculpture and drawing, finally gave birth to Oro Crea during the 1990s.

Oro Crea is located in Vidracco, in the province of Turin. It makes artifacts in 18kt gold and 925 silver, prepared with Selfica technology.

Our reality was born within the Damanhur Federation, the largest spiritual community in Europe and one of the longest-lived in the entire world. Damanhurians define themselves as a people in the making, who value art, the Human Being and every field of empirical research, including precisely Selfica. Selfica is a spiritual discipline that connects and attunes us to the energies of the cosmos.

Our mission

What can Selfica do for us?

It can improve our mental and physical well-being, amplify personal synchronicity and the ability to interact with the wonderful conscious Universe in which we live.

The largest selfic structure on planet Earth is currently hosted by the Temples of Humankind, a monumental underground construction built in Vidracco by Damanhurians. (

The Superintendency of Fine Arts has declared the Temples a true work of art and, in 2001, the Guinness World Record recognized them as the world’s largest underground work of art.
This immense facility is a mixture of paintings, statues, mosaics, stained glass, and lights that tell stories of timeless knowledge. 8 rooms developed on 5 levels, connected by dozens of corridors, staircases, secret passages, and alcoves.

The example of how a collective dream can come true!

Temples are a powerful antenna that receives and emits spiritual energies.

Thanks to the Temples, it is possible to energetically orient the jewel so that it can fulfill specific functions.

This is the process that allows us to infuse our creations with energy, making them “alive“.

The value of our jewels

The artifacts we create in Oro Crea uniquely marry beauty, technology and meaning.

This ancient knowledge dates back to Atlantis and traces the history of all humanity… we have reconnected with truly timeless traditions.

We are inspired by the myth of Atlantis.
We aim for uniqueness and refinement in every piece we make.

We also believe that contemplating beauty, and even more so wearing it in everyday life, is a very effective form of meditation.

We work each piece of jewelry by hand, with passion, love and care!
The environments in which we operate, particularly our workshop, are properly cared for, we listen to harmonious music and scent the air with incense and natural perfumes.
We produce only if our mood is positive!
The care starts from the first contact with the customer, because together we choose what will be the most suitable artifact for you, for a lifetime.
The jewelry becomes a true ally, able to channel that intelligent energy thanks to which it will be possible to achieve your goals.
As goldsmiths, we have been training in the fields of alchemy and Selfica in Damanhur, for almost 40 years.
We have embarked on a path of profound personal growth, which has transformed us, and allowed us to improve in every area: artistic, goldsmith craftsmanship and human.
Our sensitivity is at the service of the people for whom we create each piece of jewelry. As we often say-we think with our hands!


If you wish to wear an energetically active, unique and personalized piece of jewelry… a tool that will increase synchronicity in your life, encouraging encounters with positive places, events and people, FILL OUT THE FORM below and book a free consultation with one of Oro Crea’s master goldsmiths.